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When it comes to choosing the right necklace, length matters. A choker can be a bold statement piece

For the love of Dad

Father’s Day is fast approaching, which has got us thinking about our dads here at Showcase Jewelle

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Let’s talk about green. Green is the colour of nature, life, the Planet Earth. Green is fresh, heal

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The beautiful stone in shades of blues and violet that you see in these pieces is called tanzanite. W

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Kiwi jewellery designer, entrepreneur and mother, Kat Gee, made her mark in the jewellery industry wi

The green, green stone of home

Here in New Zealand, we are familiar with greenstone, also known as jade or pounamu, and know it for

Meghan Markle’s royal sparkles

With all the excitement around the royal wedding recently, we couldn’t help getting a little excite

How does your jewellery reflect your personality?

We’ve all heard about personality types – introverts, extroverts, drama queens, wallflowers, org

Discover your colour season

All the leaves are brown…and orange and yellow and gold As the summer bids us farewell and the

A brief history of timepieces

From Sundials to Smart Watches – you have thousands of years of innovation on your wrist. Since the