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When I was a child my mum gave me a beautiful wooden trinket box full of old things from her grandpar

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We’re a month into 2019 now, plenty of time to have made your New Year’s resolutions. But what ab

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Hearts have been used as a symbol of love since the middle ages. In ancient times, it was believed th

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Here, at Showcase Jewellers, we’ve seen many highs, mostly helping you find the perfect piece of je

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Sparkle All The Way

They say the best presents come in the smallest packages. I say the best presents are the ones that s

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One of my earliest memories is of my grandfather’s watch. He’d leave it on the sideboard in the d

Like Lightning in a Rainbow

Oh, the visual delight that is the opal. Like lightning in a rainbow, it flashes its brilliance with

Showcasing Karen Walker

Karen Walker has become quite a New Zealand and international icon in a tough industry. She famously