2019 Jewellery Resolutions

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We’re a month into 2019 now, plenty of time to have made your New Year’s resolutions. But what about your jewellery resolutions? Believe it or not, they come hand in hand. For every resolution you have there is a piece of jewellery that can help you keep it.Here are some examples to get you on track:

  • Want to be more organised? Time for a new watch
  • Sick of your shambles of a jewellery box? ‘Marie Kondo’ it and fill it with new jewellery that you will spark joy on an everyday basis.
  • Looking to rekindle your romance? Get your engagement ring redesigned into something that you will fall in love with all over again.
  • Want to do something to remember Grandma? Try remaking her pendant into a ring.
  • Or it could be as simple as learning to love yourself, not always an easy task, but a beautiful pair of earrings can go a long way to boosting confidence.

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